Filtration Products

Filtration products are a critical part of the filtration equation for removing harmful contaminants, ensuring maximum system performance, uptime and longevity of equipment.

Most equipment generally comes with standard OEM filtration primary screening filtration preventing equipment damage from larger particles.

In most cases, this filtration is not enough to deliver necessary component protection & maintain clean oil.

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Adding next level filtration fit for purpose is where operators can start to gain
better control of asset maintenance and deliver managed savings.

This next level filtration specific to your application system & design, is focused on maintaining oil cleanliness, system integrity & performance this is the where the real ROI for filtration efforts lie.

FPES have in stock & access to a comprehensive range of filtration products including low, medium, high pressure filters, desiccant breathers, replacement elements, intelligent site glasses etc. 

Filtration products are designed for contamination removal which is only half the equation. It is critical to look at contamination exclusion too.

We have extensive experience across a range of applications including hydraulic systems, power transformers and turbines, air and gas systems, plant and dust filtration.

 Effective contamination control & fluid management that adds real value & savings, requires a complete approach; understanding pressure, flow, system layout & other variables for maximum efficiency.

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