Improve performance & cut costs

Hydraulic Oil and Lubricant Filtration Solutions are Crucial to Maximising Equipment Performance.

Performance output is only one consideration, protecting expensive equipment from damage or failure, maximising lifespan and controlling maintenance costs are all equally positive outcomes of proper filtration solutions.


FPES has extensive application experience and industry knowledge when it comes to filtration solutions. We understand the operational and financial impact of contamination issues, and qualify our services with quantifiable savings for the customer.

FPES have developed a comprehensive Program for our customers to take back control of operational costs through proper FluidCare™;

  • Maximising equipment safety, reliability & performance
  • Protecting equipment & maximising lifespan
  • Increasing operation uptime and output
  • Extending oil and lubricant lifespan & performance
  • Reducing unnecessary maintenance & replacement costs
  • Avoiding unscheduled shutdowns
  • Reduce unnecessary hazardous waste, reducing your environmental footprint

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The right advice & taking a ‘total system approach’ to filtration will improve system performance & deliver cost savings .

Isolated efforts will only deliver intermittent results.

Fluid Care ISO 600

A comprehensive total system approach filtration program, guaranteed to deliver results

Don’t replace oil unnecessarily … we can filter and revive your oil for continued use

Surprising but true… New oil is one of the biggest sources of contaminant ingression into the system

Understand contamination and the relevance of ISO Cleanliness codes

Standard and custom solutions designed for your application. Rent filtration units, or buy for continued benefits.

We are premier suppliers of a very broad range of filtration products.

We have partnered with Trojan, designer and manufacturer of global leading technology in Transformer Dryout Systems.