Hydraulic Filtration Overview

3 step program

FluidCare™ is a 3 Stage Program designed to deliver optimum equipment performance & contamination control through a total system approach.  Hydraulic Filtration Overview.

Our FluidCare™ Program will streamline and manage your oil & filtration systems delivering quantifiable, lasting benefits;

  • Maximising equipment safety, reliability & uptime
  • Minimising downtime, repairs & maintenance costs
  • Improved fluid life & performance
  • Protecting warranties & longevity of expensive equipment

Over 80% of Mechanical System Failures are a result of Poor Filtration Practices.

Poor filtration practice results in contamination of lubrication systems causing premature mechanical wear & corrosion of equipment, costing companies thousands of dollars.

Knowledge is power.

With our support, understand how simple adjustments and improvements to the way you use, filter and manage lubrication oils, will dramatically extend the life of equipment and deliver significant cost savings.

The FluidCare™ 3 Stage Program is customisable to your application and budget.

Hydraulic Filtration Overview – We can simply provide advice, small improvements or extensive system upgrades. We can train your staff to handle ongoing requirements, or we can implement and manage the entire filtration program for you.

The choice is yours.


Contamination Removal
Contamination Exclusion
Lubricant Storage & Identification System
Hydraulic & Equipment Maintenance
Contamination Removal

  • Remove water, particles, gases, varnish
  • Mobile and stationary filtration units, online/offline
  • Various filtration technologies; depth v flow, vacuum dehydration, centrifuge, BCA, dryout etc.
  • System flushing, recycling oil
  • Install filtration, components desiccant breathers etc

Contamination Exclusion

  • Identification of ingression points i.e. breathers, hatches, seals, new oil
  • Recommendations for hose, fittings, quick release couplings
  • Lubrication handling protocols
  • Storage & handling conditions management

Lubricant Storage & Identification System

  • Filter, label & manage new fluids on arrival
  • Handling transfer practices
  • Safe, clean & organised storage and inventory control
  • Visual Identification charts, colour coding system, equipment tagging to prevent misapplication or contamination

Hydraulic & Equipment Maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Recommended lubricant usage, drain & lube schedules per equipment
  • Filtration system design improvements

Correct Oil Selection
Oil Analysis
Fluid Condition Monitoring
Training & Ongoing Support
Correct Oil Selection

  • Choosing enhanced lubricants where required
  • High performance additives
  • Right oil per equipment

Oil Analysis

  • Laboratory testing and interpretation of oil samples
  • Scheduled monitoring of oil performance and equipment condition

Fluid Condition Monitoring

  • Real-time remote or onsite oil condition monitoring
  • Particulate monitors, moisture sensors, sight inspection glasses etc.
  • Alarms & IoT System integration & control

Training & Ongoing Support

  • Education & onsite training
  • Filtration 101s
  • Lubricants handling/storage 101s
  • Breakdown services/Mobile technicians
  • Consultancy Services

Get in touch with our FluidCare™ team to discuss Hydraulic Filtration Overview or devise a filtration plan for you, that works! Contact 1300 883 955 or info@fpes.net.au or fill out your details here.