Electrical Solutions

Electrical Engineering & LINAK Actuators

FPES has developed market leading expertise in designing, manufacturing and programming complex electrical systems, motor control and switchboards.  Not only this, we are trusted partners of LINAK electrical actuators – industry leading technology.

Electrical Solutions -FPES-Linak LA36

Wireless Sensors – SMART

FPES has access to multiple ranges of SMART sensor technology.  This allows us to deliver a world class solution, no matter the application.  Our sensors utilise Edge computing technology and our technicians are skilled in interpreting the data and understanding your system.

Electrical Solutions - Smart Technology - FPES

Automation & IoT

The future is connected.  FPES are at the forefront of providing industrial IoT solutions to ensure your plant and assets perform optimally for longer.  We bring together electronic, hydraulic and mechanical to provide world class solutions.

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