Revive Your Oil

Reduce your environmental footprint

Why Spend Money When You Don’t Need To?  Revive Your Oil.

Most lubricants do not wear out but they do become unstable when contaminated by dirt & moisture, & when additives (eg. anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidant, extreme pressure) are consumed.  Revive your oil.

Through proper filtration measures, the integrity of oil can be maintained …

it should almost last forever

Reduce your environmental footprint with FluidCare™

FluidCare™ “cleaner than new” service is allowing companies to re-use their fluid over & over rather than replace it … dramatically reducing operating costs & reducing the quantity of contaminated fluids ending up in landfill. Revive your oil.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can extend the performance lifespan of your oils call 1300 PURIFY

We can identify contaminants down to micron size (0.004mm – the size of bacteria). A variety of mobile filtration units are available to hire towed on-site by a FluidCareä mobile technician or purpose-built units can be designed for your application permanently integrated into your system.  Revive your oil.

No oil waste + No new oil required = A double win for the environment