Automation & IoT

Through our mechatronic and system engineers; we provide the electrification, automation and remote monitoring of customer plant and machinery.  FPES has detailed knowledge and practical experience in the electrification of hydraulic systems and equipment. This encompasses remote control, HMI screens, programming and integration into existing on-board software.

What Is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation is the process of applying a computerised system to a manual operation, typically with the aim of decreasing labour time, creating a safer work environment, reducing energy consumption, and/or improving the quality and precision of an operation.

Over time, the initial costs of design, manufacture and installation of an automated system are redeemed through a more efficient turnaround time and the decreased downtime caused by injury.

How FPES Can Automate Your Operations

With a team of experienced engineers and access to best-in-class hydraulic and pneumatic products, FPES can design, build and install a system customised to your requests.

What Is IoT And Industry 4.0?

Simply put, the Internet of Things is the concept of connecting a device to the Internet. This includes everything from mobile phones and washing machines to hydraulic power units. If the product/system has an on and off switch, then chances are it can be a part of the IoT.

The flow of data is continually becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, as technology continues to connect our world. Mining, manufacturing, and other industrial industries are no exception. To stay ahead of operations, businesses need data to make informed decisions. Telematic Solutions provided by FPES can help simplify the collection of data on your application, as well as data analysis to get the right information to boost your efficiency and product lifespan. Other outcomes include equipment location monitoring, downtime minimisation and maintenance schedule optimisation.

FPES can provide complete IoT packages from the access portal through to the data plans, down to specific parts of IoT systems based on your requests.  Our ‘Plug & Play’ solutions include key functions and allow for quick and cost-efficient installation. Alternatively, we can engineer a solution specific to your business operations.