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Woodward Inc was founded in 1870 and is a cutting edge provider of control solutions and components for the aerospace, industrial and power generation markets. Our collective capabilities go far beyond simply supplying the highest quality components and control solutions such as gas  metering valves, governors, actuators, gas and steam turbine control systems. We  provide world class engineering and support services to those industries which rely on gas or steam turbines to power their process. We understand the demand for operational excellence and as a team, we understand how to deliver this for our clients.

competitive Advantage

As the saying goes, ‘if you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ PM Control and Fluid Power Engineering Solutions have been developing our partnership over the last three years with one thing in mind: supporting local markets with world class local service.

We realise that as individual companies we can’t deliver the breadth of experience and expertise the market requires and demands. But together? Our combined skill set is unparalleled in the region and the experience we have working on your critical applications – whether it be gas turbine, steam turbine, gas engine, diesel generator, or compressor – means that we can offer service to ensure your assets are operational for more of the time; with no nasty surprises.

Products & Capabilities

  • Woodward DLE Skid Overhaul
  • Woodward Varistroke-I electro-hydraulic actuator overhaul
  • Woodward Mechanical Governor overhaul
  • Woodward CPC-II electro-hydraulic Pressure Regulator overhaul
FPES Woodward - Double Image


FPES Woodward - DLE Skid Overhaul

DLE Skid Overhaul

Dry Low Emission (DLE) skids are made up of up to 5 Woodward Inc gas metering valves, two Woodward Inc gas shut off valves and a range of instrumentation. PM Control & partners, FPES, provide this localised service for aero-derivative gas turbine users in our Wetherill Park service centre.

We are the only authorised repair centre globally, outside of  Woodward Fort Collins. Skids are received, reported, stripped, zero-hour overhauled, assembled and tested ready for dispatch to end  user site. We work to stringent quality procedures and  we’re continually adding to our capability in this space.

FPES Woodward - Varistroke-I Overhaul

Varistroke-I Overhaul

The Varistroke-I electro-hydraulic linear actuator is used on mechanical drive or generator drive steam turbines when safe and reliable operation of control
valves and valve racks is a desired outcome.

The PM Control/FPES partnership is leading industry in providing overhaul and test capability as part of our core offering in Australia. We have invested heavily to support industry in terms of a bespoke electro-hydraulic test bench, as well as tooling and proprietary software licenses. Although highly dirt tolerant,
Varistroke-I should be serviced every 50,000 hours

FPES Woodward - Governor Overhaul

Governor Overhaul

Woodward hydraulic-mechanical governors provide reliable and precise  control of engine speed and output in virtually every type of engine application. Woodward governors are used in power generation, marine, pump, compression, and vehicle applications.

FPES are PM Control appointed AISF Mechanical Partners for Woodward governors, TecJet gas metering valves and ProAct actuators. This means we overhaul and test governors to their original OEM specification and nothing less, all covered by warranty.

We are trusted by major OEMs to look after these critical components and strive to provide world class quality and customer service, every time.

FPES Woodward - CPC-II Overhaul

CPC-II Overhaul

The CPC-II is an electro-hydraulic pressure regulating valve control that utilises a very accurate internal pressure sensor and PID controller to precisely control
steam turbine valves.

A critical component in terms of steam turbine performance and control, PM Control and FPES are authorised to overhaul and maintain these units in our
Wetherill Park, NSW facility.

Our experienced team of technicians and engineers have decades of experience working on steam turbine applications and we’re more than happy to share that experience with our clients to deliver world class outcomes.

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