Turnkey Hydraulic HPU

At a glance

FPES is an Australian owned and operated hydraulic, mechanical and electrical powerhouse which has been supporting the industry for the best part of 30 years.

FPES take pride in supporting our clients and partners and our ethos truly is “People & Partnerships”.

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  • Fully self-contained hydraulics package with uprated filtration and off-line cooling
  • Particle monitor
  • Multiple temperature, pressure and flow sensors
  • 10” HMI with touch screen
  • Real-time data monitoring and logging functionality
  • Rugged construction & self-bunded
  • All safety considerations meet or exceed industry standards
  • Swivel axis for ease of connection
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Earth leakage function/alarm
  • Built in power supply for manifold controls and CAN interface for laptop
  • Engineered, designed and built in-house locally to ISO9001:2015 standards


One of our trusted, globally recognized OEM partners in the mining space came to FPES with a very specific set of issues. In order to workshop test critical components from their underground mining equipment, they had to utilize several areas of their substantial workshop as well as using multiple pieces of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment.

Of course, this was leading to time delays, planning issues, cost overruns as well as very obvious safety concerns. In addition, our client felt that they couldn’t showcase this service to the general market and the perception was that there was a risk of losing the business to a competitor.


Working closely with our client for an extended period to ensure the technicalities of the brief were met, FPES designed and built an application specific hydraulic test bench with state-of-the-art on-board controls, data monitoring and analytics.

The test bench had to allow the client to simulate in-field conditions, including temperature and oil viscosity. 14 different functions had to be electronically tested and the risk of oil contamination from the component meant attention had to be paid to filtration, cooling and oil condition monitoring.


  • Benefits One – Our client was able to shorten test time dramatically, improve planning and provide an excellent service to their end user. More units through the workshop means more profit!
  • Benefits Two – Safety considerations were vastly improved due to less lifting, rigging, maneuvering and manual labor. The test bench was designed to be crane friendly and the operator is protected by an impact resistant polycarbonate panel.
  • Benefits Three – Our client is now proud to have a truly state-of-the-art test bench which means they can showcase their workshop to impress both existing and new potential clients. This investment has helped them cement their position as number one in their chosen markets.

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