Veolia Environmental Services Saving Big Bucks with FluidCare™

Veolia - FPES

Imagine being able to add $100,000 to your company’s bottom line simply by choosing not to dispose of your hydraulic fluid but instead having it filtered and cleaned by FPES and their FluidCare™ Technology. 

This is the benefit that the Veolia Environmental Services Clyde Transfer Terminal – responsible for collecting, processing and shipping waste materials from across Sydney – is looking forward to since it decided to stop replacing its fluids.

“We operate two channel balers which each have three hydraulic rams and they run 24/7 and 365 days a year”, says Clyde Transfer Terminal Facility Manager Craig Doorey.

“The compactors process 9200 tonnes of waste every week and we cannot afford for them to break down. Each baler has a holding tank with 4500 litres of hydraulic fluid and historically we would empty these out each year. The problem was that about a quarter of the fluid remained inside the machinery so we weren’t able to remove all of it, and the cost to refill the tanks amounted to between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. As an alternative to this we decided to call in FPES who performed oil diagnostics and determined that our fluids required the removal of small contaminants.”

Craig says FPES came out to their site at Clyde with their mobile FluidCare™ Technology and, whilst the compactors continued to operate, they were able to test the fluid, filter it, and then run another series of tests to confirm that the contaminants had been removed. He adds that the “no down time” feature of this operation was a big advantage.

“The diagnostics showed that not only was the fluid clean but it had also cleaned the seals a lot better. We used FluidCare™ and repeated the process the following year – which has seen a dramatic saving of $60,000 to $80,000 in new fluid – and looking ahead we expect a similar saving in the third year because we won’t have to refill the tanks.”