Transpacific Liquid Waste – Maintaining Quality of Special Thermal Oils

Transpacific - FPES

I would recommend Fluid Power Engineering Solutions and their FluidCare™ states Ilche Grasevski from the Transpacific Liquid Waste Plant located at Sydney’s Olympic Park, “They are saving us a lot of money by not having to replace our oil.”

Transpacific is a large corporation which specialises in collecting and processing general-liquid-hazardous-industrial waste materials, waste water management, recycling and many other services across a broad range of industries from construction to defence to hospitality.

The Olympic Park site utilises the FluidCare™ Technology mobile filtration process to maintain the quality of highly specialised thermal oils which are a vital part of their liquid waste processing. The liquid waste is pumped into 500,000 litre tanks and a centrifuge process separates solids from the liquid. Hot oil is passed through a series of hollow screws to dry out the solids.

“The thermal oils are designed to work at very high temperatures and in the heat exchange process they can get mixed up with water. We bleed the oil off into two 2500 litre tanks and it is filtered by FluidCare™ removing the water and any other contaminants”, adds Ilche.

He says it is a big advantage being able to continue processing the waste whilst the filtration is being carried out. This negates any lost production, lost revenue and inconvenience.

“I’m impressed with the service. FPES technicians come on-site, we don’t have to send the oil away for treatment and we can keep using the same oil over and over. We received documentation on the spot which confirms the effectiveness of the filtration. I can see how much contamination there is in the oil before and the fact that it is all removed after.”

“Apart from the filtration results I also recommend FPES because of their professionalism. We have a thorough site induction process and other contractors find it inconvenient, but Kevin of FPES is very understanding and very involved. He has a good awareness of OH&S issues and is very professional when it comes to completing the documentation.”