Save Money When Replacing Your Governor
UG-8 & 3161 Woodward Governor Retrofit Program

Is your Woodward governor ready for replacement?

For the next few months, asset owners will receive a substantial discount when replacing their UG-8 or 3161 governors with the with the latest P3 Digital Governor “UG25+”.

Fluid Power Engineering Solutions, in partnership with PM Controls, are running a special retrofit program for the Woodward Mechanical Hydraulic UG8 and 3161 Governors when replaced with the UG25+.

Why replace the 3161 with the latest P3 Digital Governor UG25+?

  • Improve control performance; less breakdown = lower maintenance cost
  • UG25+ has superior dynamic performance. Provides fast and stable work output
  • More cost effective to replace instead of overhaul or service after 20,000 hours.
  • Increase reliability and stability
  • Reduce emissions

To find out more contact FPES on:
Phone: 1300 883 955